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Listen, I do not expect you to get me on the first try. That is why you have to put in the time. If you value the goal or outcome, we can work together, to achieve it.

Why are we so fast to judge or dismiss. I will tell you why. We do not have all the information. Or, enough to make a rational decision. So, we punt. We walk. We check out. We lack patience.  

We tend to value what we understand. We would prefer to work with, share time with, people we understand. The fact that there is so much derision in the country and world right now is because we can not see this fact.

We all want to be loved and accepted and valued. If we are not included. We are perceived as excluded. We all have more in common than not. A Consensus is a tapestry of a common thread. However, a lot can not see where we are connected.

Most of this is intentional. Our so-called leaders, the media, the entertainment industry find it easier to persuade us when we are not sure and we attach ourselves to those things that speak to our creature comforts. So, we get red in the face and blame the unknown. We lose ourselves in slights and reward it all with apathy.

It is easier to curse the darkness, as they say, that it is to get up off the couch and go to the breaker box. We need to be inquisitive, hungry, and keep learning. Complacency does not serve us. Not in the least. No action is a negative action. Not deciding is deciding to do nothing. And, bad things happen to good people when other good people do nothing.

Ask a question. Then listen. When sharing information with others, ask yourself – Is it relative? Is it kind? Is it true? Spend the emotional equality that it takes to be present. Be aware. Be thoughtful. Be engaged.

Life is truly short. We waste precious time and energy not being awake or aware. We must struggle if we must to try and understand everything that presents itself so that we can know what we do in fact value. Do you know what you value? What is your core principles? What guides and sustains you when things get tough?

Do you understand what you profess to know? Do you value what others do? If not, why not? If you work to understand something you can value the intent but not the message. If you can you know where you are coming from and hence work with others to a share imperative to create something for the common good. If we can work together and have all the information then we are moving toward progress and can, in turn, strive toward growth.

Jeff Turnbull