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I wish corporate retail instead of Reacting to Business, or (Over) Reacting to business every Wednesday would stop changing prices and moving things around and would instead come up with a margin they can live with and make a commitment to their employees (their most valuable asset) and their customers (their least leveraged investment) and really focus on what is important – moving some units…

Really, you talk about the importance of offering excellent customer service; however, your actions don’t really reflect this at all. You spend a colossal amount of time (usable hours) playing with prices. Artificially manipulating the price point to reflect what you want the customer to spend on your product. Set it and forget it… and spend the best of your time and resources expressing and demonstrating the value and quality of your product or service. Playing games with prices is at best disingenuous.

So why not – Cross the Rubicon of Conventional Thinking – and Apply the Scientific Method to the way you do business.
• Ask a Question
• Do Background Research
• Construct a Hypothesis
• Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
• Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
• Communicate Your Results

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It can be applied to any situation – a new product line, marketing, hiring practices, etc… I would recommend it to anyone, business, civic organization, and government. I have adopted it as a practice in my personal life and it has really made a significant change in how I make a decision regarding all facets of my life.

Instead of reacting I can form a reasonable action plan and actually achieve results.

Jeff Turnbull