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Harm no one. Always tell the truth. Offer a helping hand when I am able. Always do my best.

The above is my personal philosophy. I saw this online. A challenge to encapsulate your core beliefs in twenty-five words or less. I do not think I left anything out.

Of course, I could expand on it, but I would just be reiterating on the basic tenets that I stated. I am no eagle scout. But, I know some eagle scouts and they would never offer to get me a cup of coffee from Starbucks. That does not make them bad people, possibly frugal, or perhaps self-centered. Like the manager who routinely forgets to ask if their subordinates need a break or not.

I would posit if you cannot be self-aware, at least be aware of those who work hard and support you and make you look good.

But, most of us do not. We are worried about how we are perceived. We will take the credit. Cash the check. Step into the limelight and forget to thank those who made it all possible.

If you are in business, own, run, or are responsible for someone else’s livelihood, you might want to lift your head up, look around and be grateful that you have people who show up and give a damn.

You cannot do it alone. It took Jeff Bezos a while to realize this and so he increased the minimum wage at Amazon to $15.00 an hour. He either did it for the right reasons, that his people were worth it, or that his fortune would eventually take a hit. Either way, he did the right thing. I wonder what his personal philosophy is and can he extol it in 25 words or less.

Greed is not good. You cannot take it with you. You can only drive one car, wear one pair of shoes, at a time. Share, Be Kind, and do not be a jerk. It is just that easy.