Birthed from chaos

Conceived to conspire

To destroy and disrupt

To drag down and mire

In the filth and the waste

Of human desire.

Found in the ashes

Fervent pulsing with power

Glistening in the sunlight

This star this radiant flower

Awake at the chasm

Could this be the hour?

That mankind awakens

And begins to correct

All the damage we’ve done

Can we become circumspect?

Or will we continue to shred

Our humanity as it dies of neglect?

Or will this flower

Grow and thrive

Or be bitter fruit?

As we struggle to survive

Or blossom new wisdom

To help keep us alive?

Days, eons, and epochs

Like seasons come and go

Boom and bust rain and rust

Seeds that die are sewn

Our eyes and hearts can see

But will our minds ever know?

That which we plant

We shall also sew

Will we ascend

Or continue to sleep?

Float to the surface

Or sink to the deep?

There will be a reckoning

We will destroy or create

If we do not seize the moment

Will it come too late?

The universe within us

Expands and extrapolates.

The impure and the righteous

And that which must be known

That which struggles towards the light

Digs in and searches for its home

The splendor of all there is

Is each of us to own

The flower of the fire

Is the sword in the stone.






Civility is the art and act of caring for others.


 Why when we have so much, we decry we don’t have enough? When what should be a given has such an excessive cost? When I speak of cost – I mean our Soul, our dignity, and self-respect.

There is so much vitriol in our discourse. When I say a given – I mean our collective Humanity. I really struggle with all this negativity.

If we are ever going to reach our end point of evolution and maturity as a race, we really need to fall back and assess our priorities. If we don’t something as simple as a tweet or an off-handed comment meant to invigorate someone’s political base could end this human experiment.

When we cannot sleep at night and have nightmares and worry about our children’s future and we silently scream into our pillow or into the darkness, it is time to evaluate what it is we want from life. Do we want to be happy or right or safe or content, or grow and heal?

Seriously, it appears greed by the powerful faceless super wealthy, the donor class and shareholders take precedence over the well-being of everyone.

The wrecking ball of destruction meant to dissemble unions, fair trade, equitable pay rates and support for safe and faithful regulations have been accepted behavior by our so-called leaders.

The Animus toward the populace and the citizenry can not continue. The center will not hold. It is spinning out of control and wobbling in fits of centrifugal chaos for the last forty years, but we have been so concerned with the what have you done for me lately mentality that we slipped into a coma of our own making.

Wake up! Stand Up! Rise Up and Shine your true light of love and compassion. Put aside your petty grievances to banish the shadow within to banish and vanquish the shadow projected into our non-civil discourse, meet in the middle and join hands, and hearts and souls and let us move forward into and onto better days and better relationships with ourselves and each other