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What is it about mankind that some Men cannot be Kind?

Yeah, you think you are right. You must have it your way. If not we’re doomed. So, it’s my way or the highway. The thinking that – “I alone can fix it!” is why we are where we are at.
I see men on social media dismissing the claims of an accuser because they think that person has an agenda. Well, she does. The Truth. She is standing up to tell her truth. She is there because she thinks she is right. She has the right to speak the truth. Her truth. It is a right under the 1st amendment.
That woman reporter who stood up to ask her question. You tried to belittle her, but she was the bigger man, yet you continued to diminish her. Yet, you looked like the idiot.
You don’t pay your taxes because you think you can get over. You are not fooling anyone. Being audited, are you? Yeah, we know you are not. You are blowing smoke. But, we smell what you are too. Some of us do not care. We look the other way because we want our bigger slice of the pie. We have told ourselves we deserve more too.
We have accepted the lie. His lie. Our lie. The Lie. We want power and he is going to give it to us. It is our turn. We are wealthy and powerful men and we deserve all that we can steal, or borrow, or take. The more we take, the more you get. Power is where it is where it is at.
Those self-made autocrats think they can get away with murder. They think they can shout someone on 5th avenue. I am confused that the same people that these drunken power hungry fools profess to help, they hurt the most. The supporters do not care about what and who they these petty tyrants steal and swindle. They treat them like rock stars. They chant and yell and hate.
Let us not full ourselves. They do not have our interest, best or otherwise at heart. If they have a heart, or conscious it is hard to discern. It is about power. Who is in power. Who is wielding this power? And how do we get it? Keep it. As they stuff the ballot boxes, drive down the turnout. Keep us ignorant and in debt so that we do not know the difference from what we have and what we need.
The love of power is corrupting. If it was a ring, you might find yourself a Gollum and doing whatever it takes to keep your precious power. So we lower ourselves to our base instincts to lie, cheat and kill to keep what we have as we scavenge for more.
The only true power is the power of love. Love of our true nature. Empathy, Compassion and living a thoughtful life that is fact-based. Living in Truth is accepting the uncomfortable facts when needed and doing what we know to be right. To change the unacceptable and make it right. If we make a mistake we need to take responsibility. If someone calls us out on our shortcomings we need to accept our part and do better and make amends.
The Truth and the Power of Love will advance the shared common-good into a better place and a better state of being.