BY: JEFF S TURNBUL Before we can shine our light forth unto the world – we have got to know ourselves, accept ourselves, come to love ourselves, heal our being and take major steps toward wholeness so that we are ready to give back and close the rift and eliminate any perceived separation. We, of … Continue reading SHARING IS CARING

“Nietzsche and Psychology: How To Become Who You Are”



ONLY YOU HAVE THE POWER  After we thoroughly know ourselves, accept ourselves for who we are and learn to love ourselves, we are now prepared to start the healing process. We all have areas that need work. We all have issues and complexes and gifts just lurking in our shadow. Now, is the time to … Continue reading HEAL THYSELF

Self-Will: Standing in our own way!

  Our Ego or Self-Will refuses to be wrong, weak, or defective. So, it pushes things into the shadows of our being and away from the light of potentiality. It does not want to be insecure so it stands watch and in doing so it stands in our own way. Some of the things back … Continue reading Self-Will: Standing in our own way!

Love NO Doubt.

The only way to truly love yourself is to know and accept yourself. We do it when we become one with another, so it is even more imperative with ourselves. If we cannot give or sync our hearts, minds, and lives with another unless we are in balance and aligned with our own being. Self-loathing … Continue reading Love NO Doubt.


After we have done a fair accounting and personal inventory and exposed and have completed the exploratory work of self-exploration we are left with – who we truly are – warts and all! Now, begins the next step – acceptance who we are. This is where the true work begins. It is the heavy lifting … Continue reading ACCEPTANCE – of THYSELF…