Our shadow stands in our way will stop us from communicating and when we see an unattractive quality, we do not like in someone else that we ourselves have, we will be offended and will project our darkness and distorted behavior unto him or her.

The more work we do on ourselves to reclaim what was left behind in the shadows and bring light to those deep recesses of our past pain, shame and hurt the lighter and less restrained we will be.

Shining a spotlight of truth, love, and compassion into the corners of our being will help to illuminate these fears, fractures and fragmented parts of yourself so that we can integrate these powerful energies into their counterbalanced positives to help us become the person we are destined to come.

We cannot heal apart from ourselves that we do not know is ill. I am not advocating countless retellings of past events, but to be able to look at these apertures into our souls, these wounds, and reclaim the wholeness that was lost in those moments and to replace them with what is not there with acceptance forgiveness and understanding.

This shadow work is about going deep into ourselves, vanquishing our darkest aspects, and mining the depths of our hidden and forgotten treasure. It is not for the weak of heart. That is why we need to be warriors, set our fear aside, and be ever vigilant and conscious of what we may discover, uncover or realize as he comes to the surface and into the bright light of awareness.




Unbeknownst to some of us, another lurks within. We joke about evil twins, you may be familiar with Dr. Jekyll’s Mr. Hyde, or with a multi-personality disorder, but within there is darkness.

We hide things we do not want others to see. We are ashamed of something or we are criticized for something we banish it, lock it away. Sometimes these things fade into the deep recesses of our being; others lie beneath the surface and do not pass up a chance to remind us that we have banished them from the bright light of being.

Sometimes our greatest gifts and passions are discouraged and for whatever reason, we comply with others views and opinions and we enter into an unconscious agreement and we let our dreams die, and aspirations wither on the vine. In the desire to be accepted we fall in line and become part of the herd as we conceal who and what we are.

This shadow self-comes out to express itself and play when we are stressed. Besides suppressed hopes and desires there are elements of our worst self, the darkness within, our ugly, selfish, demanding inner five-year-old; our ego writ large.

When we fear, when we doubt, that our world or beliefs are being questioned or judged our shadow is roused. When we stumble and take things personally, our shadow moves to the fore and sometimes takes the floor and shows itself.

It is like some evil genii that escape from the bottle but instead of wishes, you are usually left with regrets. Even when we are at our best, if we are tired, or hungry, or suffering from a lack of sleep, this troublesome specter can slip away and get the best of us.

Therefore, we must realize and acknowledge that it is there and that it can be a potent force. If we are not mindful of our thinking, feeling, and our willingness to do the work at bringing our dark aspects into the light, we could do something at the moment that could change our lives, alter our path, and disrupt our progress. We could be fired, lose a friend, a loved one or worse.

I have let my shadow appear to someone I care a great deal about and say something I should not have said, something I felt, something I desired but was not appropriate then that disrupted the environment that we were in. I wanted to be more than I could under the circumstances and I fell into an old pattern. It was selfish and self-serving, I was grandiose, and I almost lost more than I could afford to lose. Love is a powerful force but unchecked can exemplify the shadow self as well.




See without Looking.  Feel without Touching.  Love without Caring.  Give without Thinking.  Think without Reasoning. Reason without Choosing.  Share without Giving.  Receive without Deceiving.


Love as you are Loved.  Unveil as you are Unveiled to.  Teach as you are Taught.  Forgive as you are Forgiven.  Give Birth as you are Born.  Live as you are Enlivened.  Manifest as you are Manifested.  Bless as you are Blessed.  Be the Light as you are Enlightened.  As Above, so Below.  As Within, so Without.  From the One, towards the One, by means of the One. Mother, Father God make me a vehicle of and for your Peace, that I may serve you and the All in the All and the One Thing.



What will it take?

for us to see the light of truth?

The ego wants us to be right. It wants us to be safe. Which means just stay where you are. Unless you hear something in the bushes, in that case, run for your life. Nothing to see here. Nevertheless, stay here. Keep to the script and do not question the status quo. In addition, do not let anyone have what you have and do not offer any to anyone who may be in need.

If I a lie is told often enough it becomes accepted as the truth. If you believe something do not question it, stand by your opinion even if millions of children are walking out of school in protest. Do not by any measure falter from your convictions. You have to stand for something or you will fall anything, as the country song goes. Never, never, never question your beliefs. It makes you who you are right. Well also, it will stunt your growth, as a sentient being, as an individual, a citizen, a human being, or a child of God, if you are a person of faith.

Oh, that is another pushpin that keeps us pinned down and under glass preventing us from flight and growth. Faith is belief without evidence. I recently found myself in a theological discussion where I mentioned that I was a Buddhist. The couple asked me if they, Buddhist, had a book. I said that there were canons of information on the teachings of the Buddha. Well, because of this couples faith, opinions, convictions, and beliefs, apparently I am going to hell.

Bummer. I thought I was doing pretty well. However, my point is that the truth can be staring us right in our face and we will probably miss it because we are so wrapped up and encased in our bubble that we suffocate a chance to grow and keep out the pure light of what is and can be and to be all that we can be.

Perhaps, it will take a member of Congress to have his child shot in algebra class with an assault rifle before he or she sees the light of truth maybe that is what it will take. I hope not. Love and Courage. Act now.








Empathy – our only chance

Lies, Slander, and our Uncivil Discourse.

I am at a loss. I do not understand the hatred. I get mad at someone and then it is over. I do not hold a grudge. I may not trust them for a while, but I keep my mind, eyes, and heart open to the possibility that it was all a matter of misunderstanding.

Nevertheless, to outright hate, someone, a religion, a race because of their skin color or belief system is ignorant and frankly a waste of energy. To protest, go to meetings, print t-shirts, and let it affect your temperament, attitude is just not healthy and serves no one but your ego.

If we can try to put ourselves in the place of the perceived other maybe we have a chance. To call someone a word to incite violence, embarrass or shame someone is the vial and is the worst behavior. To sow lies and untruths about people without doing due diligence shows a low level of intelligence.

Where are the reason and logic and decorum and our civility in our discourse? Where, I ask you? It is a sign we are de-evolving instead of becoming enlightened beings we are reverting to animalistic behavior.

Empathy – is the key to stopping us from destroying everything we have worked so hard to create and enliven. We must be aware of our thoughts, words, and actions. We must think before we speak. The Buddha advised us to practice right speech. Is it kind, relevant and true? Then speak your truth and move the conversation in a positive direction and to a positive outcome.

So many exchanges that are occurring online and in person begin with – What About..? Meaning that instead of relevance, they are dredging up past mistakes. However, they are usually bringing something up that exhibits a bias, which is paramount to pointing a finger.

Dredging up a past example is usually not kind or truth because of the implied bias. Since everything is fake news and alternative facts, what are we to believe? Well, science and math tend not to lie, and can always be adjusted. Nevertheless, opinions, beliefs, and convictions are usually a sticky affair. Furthermore, the ego never wants to admit it is wrong.

So what do we do? Practice empathy is my advice. It is a start. If we can try to put ourselves in another’s place, walk in their shoes, see through their eyes, imagine what it would be like, etc… It is simple yet difficult. A lot of us are not used to doing this. We just are not. However, we can try, right?

We all experience the same difficulties but the details are different. If we can try to remember a time or an instant where we might have felt what the person before us may be experiencing then we all could be better off.

Ask yourself this one question before you raise your voice, lose your temper, or judge someone else – What if it was me? Then ask yourself another question – What would I have done? Keep asking questions this is how we learn.

If someone is acting erratically, then you can surmise that person is in trouble or is unwell and may need your help. Again, stop and ask yourself some questions. Show an interest in your, our fellow brother or sister.

Look at empathy as a muscle you never used before. You have to exhort some effort, extend that muscle. Then let it rest until you need it again. Just be mindful when it is needed. If you show kindness, it will be returned. If you smile at someone – don’t they usually smile back?