The key to getting to the truth of the matter: Clarity. If you want to save a lot of time and anguish seek to focus on being completely clear on what you think, how you act, and what you communicate.

 Do not shade or bend the truth. Be forthright and true. I once had a boss tell me to say what I have to so that I can get what I want, yet to speak in the gray and do not commit to anything. I believe he was alluding to corporate speak. That is no way to communicate. How is one to garner merit or trust or respect when you manipulate and massage your words and intent?

 When you seek to create delusion with others you are deluding yourself. The worst lies and falsehoods are the ones we tell ourselves. In the public sphere and arena right now there are lies being told daily that eventually are being accepted as the truth. There are alternative facts. A new reality is taking shape where people do not know to believe.

 Do not judge what you believe to be the truth or delusion, but practice discernment. Listen to what you hear. Watch body language. Moreover, trust your gut. Intuitively we know what is true. Be clear about being clear. Know the truth. Speak it. Live it. Be it.

Clear the fog of divisiveness from your conversations. Gossip withers and pollutes the soul and dulls the spirit. Be a light shining in the darkness and seek the truth at all cost regardless of the outcome.

The phantasm of hatred and fear preys on the innocent and longs to discredit, shame and dishearten those who would shine a light on that which is false. Be strong of heart and speak your truth.

Love & Courage

Jeff Turnbull    


I hope this brings value to your life, makes your day, or gives you hope. With Love and Truth and Courage all things can be realized.




Enlightenment – In Three Easy Payments.

  1. Pay attention to your thoughts.  Right thinking is an easy thing to talk about, but a difficult thing to at times to maintain.  As much as we try to think happy, pleasant thoughts, our mind wanders.  We start to question and judge.  Instead of assessing the situation, and giving benefits of doubt, we jump, we even leap to conclusions.  If strive earnestly to cease to cherish our opinions, question our beliefs, and release our convictions, then perhaps we can see the world through the eyes of our child self.  Remember when we young we were so optimistic.  Pay attention to what matters – ask you’re self – are my thoughts helpful; are my thoughts kind, and lastly – are my thoughts the truth as I see it, and feel it.  Trust your gut.  It is the home of Heart Mind intelligence.


  1. Pay attention to your feelings, what is going on in your Heart. Besides being a muscle and a pump, it is our spiritual core.  If more people were in touch with their true feelings, and emotions perhaps the world would not be in the state it is now.  If your angry or hurt, you must pay attention to these feelings, be with them, again pay attention to your thinking about your feelings.  Take a breath, feel how your body is responding.  Do you feel your body tense, are your perspiring, do you want to take flight, or stay and fight.  Sit with these feelings, count to ten.  Access what it is that is making you feel this way.  Are there any memories surfacing?  Remember the impermanent nature of this moment and to the experience, thought, or action that is its trigger.  Let this moment rise like a wave and then let it pass, let it go.   Do this too with the wonderful, joyous moments.  Do not dwell in either state too long, pay attention to this moment.  Do not be averse to anything that life may bring you, or attached to any.  Enlightenment is within you, we just need to be like the calm sea to let it surface.


  1. Pay attention to your innate Intelligence, you know the sense that was given you, that we all have when we enter this world, but that we seem to lose when we grow older. It’s as if our sense of wonder gets bored and our curiosity gets focused on those things that pay our bills, and finds us a mate, the game, the Dow, our neighbor’s recyclables.  We stop seeing shapes in the clouds, and the beautiful, colorful sunsets.  We lose our way, we lose touch with nature, and hence with the nature of all things.  We live in the din of a data-driven world and a state of cognitive dissonance.  We think, or feel something about a cause, or state of affairs, but we do nothing.  Our divine intelligence the link between the Heart-Mind connections gets frayed and we become dulled and diluted to the moment and to the beauty of the trinity of awareness that is Thought, Feeling, and Intelligence.  It is very important that we energize and electrify this vital conduit between our thoughts and feelings to realize enlightenment, Nirvana… Or, we resign ourselves to the profane and mundane.  See the sacred nature in each other, and in all beings, in all of nature.  So that all beings may be free from suffering.

O Shanti Shanti Shanti





What do you do when you find out that your leader, mentor, boss, etc… have no moral center and his or her own interests supersede everything else. That includes everything from their thought, word, or deed. The veil has fallen the curtain pulled back and you see the person for who they are.

What if your yoga instructor is not aware of or interested in the philosophical origins of the discipline and is only in it for a hot body and the money? What then?

What happens when people lose credibility? When you catch them in a lie? Or worse they betray you and show you who they are? Maya Angelou told us to believe people when they show us their true self, their true nature.

How long do you accept the falsehoods, betrayals or manipulations? Really? How Long? We show people how we want to be treated by the way we show them how we respect ourselves to respect us and the way we believe in ourselves and the way we love ourselves. Otherwise, the people who do not love and respect themselves will treat us the way they think we should be treated. or, even worse, they do not care.

Truth is everything. Not yours or mine or the way we see and filter our experiences but the collective truth. Universal truths are never wrong. We all want to be loved for who we are, and be accepted and included for who we are. We know that most people will smile back when smiled at. We know that only Love will cure hate. We know that if a problem exists we must address it.

In the Spirit of Truth, I will if you will, Speak it, Live it, and Be it; no matter the circumstances or the outcome, so help me I. Be divinity incarnate and choose the sovereignty of self and manifest truth in all your encounters.






Have you ever wanted things to be better? Yeah, me too. But, what if anything did you do about it? Wanted to lose weight, got the gym membership, but then went twice and never went back? Yeah, me too.

But, what about your health? Your mental health? Your dangerous habits and behaviors? Having trouble there too? Yeah, me too.

Well, when push came to shove and that shove was off the edge, the cliff, to certain death, I did something. What, you may ask? I modified my behavior. The myth is that it takes twenty-one days to change a habit or adopt a new one. That is wrong. It takes roughly a year and a half.

What does that mean to you and me? It means that we must do something, and we must do it now. I needed to lose weight. I started drinking Kale smoothies twice a day, then once a day. In a month I took that one little step and it improved my overall health.

Pick anything where you need work or would like to improve and do a little thing today. If you want to start riding a bike for cardio and to get the juices flowing do not go out and buy the newest bestest bike and the tight cute outfit to go with it. Buy an old used bike or borrow one. Get your butt on the seat and start to peddle. Start slow maybe no hills work up to it. Wear cutoffs and an old t-shirt. Self-improvement is not a fashion statement. It is not about how cool you look on the outside but how good you feel on the inside.

If you want to lose weight start a food journal. If you have to write it down it better be a healthy choice. Who wants to get the journal out to write candy bar. If that’s the case you are fooling yourself. Do not lie to yourself. Change is not easy. If it were there would be no fast food joints and the corn and sugar industry would be in trouble.

Have you ever walked through the supermarket and noticed all the different flavors of coffee? How about potato chips. All those flavors were manufactured in a laboratory. How many different flavors do we need? Salt, sugar, and preservatives are stealing value days from your lifespan. These foods are manufactured to make you eat more than more… Ever finish a bag of chips after you open them. Not me!

Start now. Decide to eliminate one toxic element from your Life. Good Luck!




“There are only two mistakes one can make along the Road to Truth- Not going all the way, and not Starting” BUDDHA

There are five conducts, behaviors, or practices that we can introduce into our lives’ if we haven’t already: Know thyself, except thyself, love thyself, heal thyself, and to Share thyself. It is a process of Self-Actualization that I undertook that helped end my struggle with Depression, Anxiety, and self-loathing. It helped me to turn my life around and made me a productive person and helped me with my interactions with the world at large, and to heal and sustain the world within.

In addition to these five conducts I have also integrated the practice of morning gratitude expressions and evening forgiveness offerings (usually to myself) but with these five and two, there is also mindfulness and daily meditation which has been very helpful in my healing and well as my personal development and personal growth.

In the posts and pages that follow I will distill and explain the Alchemy of my Transformation from depressed and lost soul to Enlivened Enlightened Spirit. It will not be easy, the work that lies ahead, but it will be worth it in the end.






Our shadow stands in our way will stop us from communicating and when we see an unattractive quality, we do not like in someone else that we ourselves have, we will be offended and will project our darkness and distorted behavior unto him or her.

The more work we do on ourselves to reclaim what was left behind in the shadows and bring light to those deep recesses of our past pain, shame and hurt the lighter and less restrained we will be.

Shining a spotlight of truth, love, and compassion into the corners of our being will help to illuminate these fears, fractures and fragmented parts of yourself so that we can integrate these powerful energies into their counterbalanced positives to help us become the person we are destined to come.

We cannot heal apart from ourselves that we do not know is ill. I am not advocating countless retellings of past events, but to be able to look at these apertures into our souls, these wounds, and reclaim the wholeness that was lost in those moments and to replace them with what is not there with acceptance forgiveness and understanding.

This shadow work is about going deep into ourselves, vanquishing our darkest aspects, and mining the depths of our hidden and forgotten treasure. It is not for the weak of heart. That is why we need to be warriors, set our fear aside, and be ever vigilant and conscious of what we may discover, uncover or realize as he comes to the surface and into the bright light of awareness.