The key to getting to the truth of the matter: Clarity. If you want to save a lot of time and anguish seek to focus on being completely clear on what you think, how you act, and what you communicate.

 Do not shade or bend the truth. Be forthright and true. I once had a boss tell me to say what I have to so that I can get what I want, yet to speak in the gray and do not commit to anything. I believe he was alluding to corporate speak. That is no way to communicate. How is one to garner merit or trust or respect when you manipulate and massage your words and intent?

 When you seek to create delusion with others you are deluding yourself. The worst lies and falsehoods are the ones we tell ourselves. In the public sphere and arena right now there are lies being told daily that eventually are being accepted as the truth. There are alternative facts. A new reality is taking shape where people do not know to believe.

 Do not judge what you believe to be the truth or delusion, but practice discernment. Listen to what you hear. Watch body language. Moreover, trust your gut. Intuitively we know what is true. Be clear about being clear. Know the truth. Speak it. Live it. Be it.

Clear the fog of divisiveness from your conversations. Gossip withers and pollutes the soul and dulls the spirit. Be a light shining in the darkness and seek the truth at all cost regardless of the outcome.

The phantasm of hatred and fear preys on the innocent and longs to discredit, shame and dishearten those who would shine a light on that which is false. Be strong of heart and speak your truth.

Love & Courage

Jeff Turnbull