Enlightenment – In Three Easy Payments.

  1. Pay attention to your thoughts.  Right thinking is an easy thing to talk about, but a difficult thing to at times to maintain.  As much as we try to think happy, pleasant thoughts, our mind wanders.  We start to question and judge.  Instead of assessing the situation, and giving benefits of doubt, we jump, we even leap to conclusions.  If strive earnestly to cease to cherish our opinions, question our beliefs, and release our convictions, then perhaps we can see the world through the eyes of our child self.  Remember when we young we were so optimistic.  Pay attention to what matters – ask you’re self – are my thoughts helpful; are my thoughts kind, and lastly – are my thoughts the truth as I see it, and feel it.  Trust your gut.  It is the home of Heart Mind intelligence.


  1. Pay attention to your feelings, what is going on in your Heart. Besides being a muscle and a pump, it is our spiritual core.  If more people were in touch with their true feelings, and emotions perhaps the world would not be in the state it is now.  If your angry or hurt, you must pay attention to these feelings, be with them, again pay attention to your thinking about your feelings.  Take a breath, feel how your body is responding.  Do you feel your body tense, are your perspiring, do you want to take flight, or stay and fight.  Sit with these feelings, count to ten.  Access what it is that is making you feel this way.  Are there any memories surfacing?  Remember the impermanent nature of this moment and to the experience, thought, or action that is its trigger.  Let this moment rise like a wave and then let it pass, let it go.   Do this too with the wonderful, joyous moments.  Do not dwell in either state too long, pay attention to this moment.  Do not be averse to anything that life may bring you, or attached to any.  Enlightenment is within you, we just need to be like the calm sea to let it surface.


  1. Pay attention to your innate Intelligence, you know the sense that was given you, that we all have when we enter this world, but that we seem to lose when we grow older. It’s as if our sense of wonder gets bored and our curiosity gets focused on those things that pay our bills, and finds us a mate, the game, the Dow, our neighbor’s recyclables.  We stop seeing shapes in the clouds, and the beautiful, colorful sunsets.  We lose our way, we lose touch with nature, and hence with the nature of all things.  We live in the din of a data-driven world and a state of cognitive dissonance.  We think, or feel something about a cause, or state of affairs, but we do nothing.  Our divine intelligence the link between the Heart-Mind connections gets frayed and we become dulled and diluted to the moment and to the beauty of the trinity of awareness that is Thought, Feeling, and Intelligence.  It is very important that we energize and electrify this vital conduit between our thoughts and feelings to realize enlightenment, Nirvana… Or, we resign ourselves to the profane and mundane.  See the sacred nature in each other, and in all beings, in all of nature.  So that all beings may be free from suffering.

O Shanti Shanti Shanti