What do you do when you find out that your leader, mentor, boss, etc… have no moral center and his or her own interests supersede everything else. That includes everything from their thought, word, or deed. The veil has fallen the curtain pulled back and you see the person for who they are.

What if your yoga instructor is not aware of or interested in the philosophical origins of the discipline and is only in it for a hot body and the money? What then?

What happens when people lose credibility? When you catch them in a lie? Or worse they betray you and show you who they are? Maya Angelou told us to believe people when they show us their true self, their true nature.

How long do you accept the falsehoods, betrayals or manipulations? Really? How Long? We show people how we want to be treated by the way we show them how we respect ourselves to respect us and the way we believe in ourselves and the way we love ourselves. Otherwise, the people who do not love and respect themselves will treat us the way they think we should be treated. or, even worse, they do not care.

Truth is everything. Not yours or mine or the way we see and filter our experiences but the collective truth. Universal truths are never wrong. We all want to be loved for who we are, and be accepted and included for who we are. We know that most people will smile back when smiled at. We know that only Love will cure hate. We know that if a problem exists we must address it.

In the Spirit of Truth, I will if you will, Speak it, Live it, and Be it; no matter the circumstances or the outcome, so help me I. Be divinity incarnate and choose the sovereignty of self and manifest truth in all your encounters.