Have you ever wanted things to be better? Yeah, me too. But, what if anything did you do about it? Wanted to lose weight, got the gym membership, but then went twice and never went back? Yeah, me too.

But, what about your health? Your mental health? Your dangerous habits and behaviors? Having trouble there too? Yeah, me too.

Well, when push came to shove and that shove was off the edge, the cliff, to certain death, I did something. What, you may ask? I modified my behavior. The myth is that it takes twenty-one days to change a habit or adopt a new one. That is wrong. It takes roughly a year and a half.

What does that mean to you and me? It means that we must do something, and we must do it now. I needed to lose weight. I started drinking Kale smoothies twice a day, then once a day. In a month I took that one little step and it improved my overall health.

Pick anything where you need work or would like to improve and do a little thing today. If you want to start riding a bike for cardio and to get the juices flowing do not go out and buy the newest bestest bike and the tight cute outfit to go with it. Buy an old used bike or borrow one. Get your butt on the seat and start to peddle. Start slow maybe no hills work up to it. Wear cutoffs and an old t-shirt. Self-improvement is not a fashion statement. It is not about how cool you look on the outside but how good you feel on the inside.

If you want to lose weight start a food journal. If you have to write it down it better be a healthy choice. Who wants to get the journal out to write candy bar. If that’s the case you are fooling yourself. Do not lie to yourself. Change is not easy. If it were there would be no fast food joints and the corn and sugar industry would be in trouble.

Have you ever walked through the supermarket and noticed all the different flavors of coffee? How about potato chips. All those flavors were manufactured in a laboratory. How many different flavors do we need? Salt, sugar, and preservatives are stealing value days from your lifespan. These foods are manufactured to make you eat more than more… Ever finish a bag of chips after you open them. Not me!

Start now. Decide to eliminate one toxic element from your Life. Good Luck!