What will it take?

for us to see the light of truth?

The ego wants us to be right. It wants us to be safe. Which means just stay where you are. Unless you hear something in the bushes, in that case, run for your life. Nothing to see here. Nevertheless, stay here. Keep to the script and do not question the status quo. In addition, do not let anyone have what you have and do not offer any to anyone who may be in need.

If I a lie is told often enough it becomes accepted as the truth. If you believe something do not question it, stand by your opinion even if millions of children are walking out of school in protest. Do not by any measure falter from your convictions. You have to stand for something or you will fall anything, as the country song goes. Never, never, never question your beliefs. It makes you who you are right. Well also, it will stunt your growth, as a sentient being, as an individual, a citizen, a human being, or a child of God, if you are a person of faith.

Oh, that is another pushpin that keeps us pinned down and under glass preventing us from flight and growth. Faith is belief without evidence. I recently found myself in a theological discussion where I mentioned that I was a Buddhist. The couple asked me if they, Buddhist, had a book. I said that there were canons of information on the teachings of the Buddha. Well, because of this couples faith, opinions, convictions, and beliefs, apparently I am going to hell.

Bummer. I thought I was doing pretty well. However, my point is that the truth can be staring us right in our face and we will probably miss it because we are so wrapped up and encased in our bubble that we suffocate a chance to grow and keep out the pure light of what is and can be and to be all that we can be.

Perhaps, it will take a member of Congress to have his child shot in algebra class with an assault rifle before he or she sees the light of truth maybe that is what it will take. I hope not. Love and Courage. Act now.