Why we are stuck in a RUT!

The Status Qu, Fear of Change, Willful Ignorance

The baby boomers are retiring. Some can work their smartphones, but some refuse to text. Why some cannot accept the inevitable escapes me and leaves me wondering if we will make it to humanity 2.0.

When I hear – because we have always done it this way. There is you probably. When I hear those words it does not surprise me that churches are losing congregates, corporations are losing valued employees or a political party gets lost in the woods.

In a ditch? How did you get there? Whom will you blame? Are you stuck in a rut? How in the world did happen? Will accept personal responsibility or wallow self-pity or get up and out and do something about it?

Me I love getting into the groove. That is being in the same space for a while but exploring your options and being grateful, working with and what you have. There you can see the beauty, enjoy what you are doing and lose track of time. That is what is known as flow.

The Status Qu is standing still. In these new and exciting times, you might as well be lost in the past as well as translation. We change fear change. We must accept the fact the majority of the population may not look like you anymore. I call on you to open your hearts, minds, neighborhoods, and doors. Embrace the future we are living in it. Not to see and understand what is going on in the outside world, outside of your cul-de-sac, or your gated community is willful ignorance. What do not understand?

If we have stuck there in that space a movie that promotes the idea of a purge, or a hunger game, instills in us that we going to have to do without, or worse share what we have.

If we can unfurl those white-knuckled fists of rage, we have a hand we can take, give, hold, and shake. We can use our collective hands to pull the weight, lift us up, and push us forward in the new information, and new industrial age and build a new world everything is done and thought of for the collective, common good.