Have you had enough?

How do you argue with the obvious?

The earth is not flat. Yet still, some people want to argue that. The earth is also not five thousand years old. Yet some people will not accept that as fact. The sky is not falling but the earth is warming and some still want to argue that.

Why with so much on the line people do not want to see what is right under their noses and ignore the proverbial elephant in the room. Unless they believe something is being taken away. Just because people want to ban assault rifles does not mean they want to stop you from being safe. It is all about safety. Please stop with the inane argues about a good person with a gun or teachers with guns. That is completely not reasonable. Think about it.

We all want to be safe. That is a given. What is up for debate is how we achieve security when there are so many variables. First is the protection of our children. You cannot argue with that. Therefore, why people cannot put that as their first priority and just do whatever it takes is unclear to me.

How many more children, teachers, administrators and others have to die? If we can see through the fog of misinformation and political propaganda, it will lead us to the all mighty dollar. It is all about profit and influence. That is all. If we can be truly honest, it is all about money. Moreover, it is about greed.

How much do you need? I can tell you I have had enough. It is obvious to me. Stop the sale of automatic weapons to start. You do not need them. You want them for whatever reason. They are weapons of war. What is needed is weapons of peace. Empathy. Love. Compassion. Understanding.

Do what you will, but hurt no one.