Fear & ignorance rule the day!

Mass Shootings, Russian Bots, Fake News, Reality Check…

It spins my head around when people say – They cannot ban assault rifles because what is next they will take away my handgun? Hello ASSAULT rifle – it is for killing people.

Apparently, people are stuck in this loop or bubble of willful ignorance. They will share and volunteer what confirms their beliefs and everything else is fake news. Confirmation bias is self-limiting. It will only allow those facts, alternative or otherwise, in to support your argument or point of view. Everything else is bunk, not true, or fake. How did we get here?

When you cannot believe that, the Russians meddled in our election because your person won. You find any detail that will support your argument that you should be able to have an assault rifle when children are being slaughtered in their classrooms. Perhaps the cable news channel that you watch supports all your biases. Listen to the tone and tenor of the social media or news that you consume and that gets you outraged. If it is snarky and bombast, they are feeding on your fear and your ignorance and your reluctance to open your mind and consider a dissenting view.

Everyone throws around – A Brave New World but odds are have not read it. I say please go get a copy and read it. Then read BNW revisited, it will open your eyes. If someone tells a lie long, enough it becomes a fact. People will believe it and not check to verify. They will chant the same odd chant without really knowing what it is meant by it, or its historical significance. Usually, if someone wants you to believe something erroneous they will blame the other person. School yard crap but it works.

All I am advising is that we verify what we read, hear and think. Do a gut check. The Truth will set us free if we have the will and the emotional maturity to accept it.