Staying on the straight and narrow is hard.  Walking the crooked mile with no clear direction home very easy.  Moreover, it is sometimes more advantageous because we learn from our mistakes.  However, someone always pays the price and there is always collateral damage.

Take, for instance, unrequited love.  We all want to be loved and cherished.  Moreover, it is said that the heart wants what the heart wants.  Yes, but at what cost?  If one insinuates one into someone’s life without thought of the outcome for one’s own needs, wants or desires then love loses any sense of virtue.’  What if that person was married or in a committed relationship does one’s love, passion, feelings overrule the situational circumstances of all involved or concerned.

No, of course not.  That is where virtue comes into play.  Living a virtuous life in a confused world is hard enough without trying to bend the world to your will.  One must accept what is and try to refocus that energy to some other end for the greater good.  They say that “The Truly Great Things in Life Are Worth Waiting For.”  Things come to those who wait.  That patience is a virtue.  What is meant to be will be?  All that being said how does one who loves from afar and who are committed and determined not to say anything or let the cat out of the bag deal with this secret or truth?  As the song goes – You can’t always get what want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.”

Therefore, what does one need if they cannot get what they want?  How about being grateful that there are people in this world that are worthy of your love and respect.  Force negates growth.  My prime directive is to do no harm.  So one needs to be grateful and mindful of thoughts and feelings.  That powerful beautiful feeling in your chest let that expand to include everyone and everything.  If it is purely a carnal longing or fixation then virtue goes out the window.  Again, rechanneled energy will always find a purpose.  The life force that drives the libido could create a masterpiece and drive one’s creativity.  Prana, Chi, Ki, Ka, the life force that sustains us can be a conduit to enlightenment.  Love will find you in some form or another and possibly when you stop looking.  Your intent should be pure and purity like our states is a process.

Therefore, I believe that the virtuous life is, in fact, its own reward.  If the goal is the starting point when I begin each new day with gratitude in my heart, an open mind to any and all possibilities and just love and allow myself to be loved as I walk my path and live my truth and who knows perhaps my soul mate will walk through that door and ask me where I have been all her life?  And I will say, right here waiting for you my dear.