Trust but verify, accept and dignify

Trust is easy to lose and hard to earn. If it is not then we have a problem. You are more likely to be duped if you trust easily.  It is important that we ask questions and practice mindful awareness, as we trust our gut and our intuition.

Do not join the cause or join the mob. Alternatively, do not jump off the bridge because your friend did. Have your own mind. Practice clarity. Stand by your principles your values and your virtues. Yet keep an open mind. Be malleable about the details but be resolute about the mission.

Do you know anyone who always takes the side with the last person they talked to, or perhaps the person winning the argument? I used to be that way. I would be too flexible and fold like a cheap card table. Now I speak and live my truth.

My mantra is – cease to cherish your opinions, question your beliefs, and release your convictions. Do not lose sight of your vision. Or give up the mission. Do not get lost and lose track of where you are at and where you want to land. The dream must live on. Yet do not be rigid, fixed, steadfast, and non-yielding to new facts, information, and input.

It is important that we trust. However, we must do our homework and be curious, hungry and be willing to start over or scramble the pieces and see it a different way.

If we trust and someone or something let us down or turns out not to be true to their principles, we must accept it for what it is, our part in the scenario and responsibility in the endeavor hold our heads up and see it as a lesson and reboot and move on.

What we must trust is the truth and our part, heart and our experience and our reason in the process. Try to see the positive in the negative. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and be true to who we are.

Be kind, relevant, and truthful with your speech and clarify, testify and bring your best self and people will see your light and trust you and will accept you, and honor you in kind.