FAITH: Two Wings and a Prayer.

Eagles have wings. They fly high. With faith, they win super bowls. Whatever it takes to get us to our goals. Plan your work. Work your plan. Sometimes you have to jump and grow wings on the way down. Like when you lose a key player at a crucial time.

I am not a Christian. But, but I was moved after the Eagles won the super bowl and the coach and the quarterback and other players thanked God, and praised him and gave him (or her) the glory.

If they were Buddhist and practiced meditation and mindfulness, I would have been moved by that as well. Because to accomplish anything big or small you have to have faith.

Faith is belief without evidence. What is evident is the result. The result of hard work and perseverance. However, it helps if we have a way. We know the what – our goal. The how – plan your work and work your plan. You have to believe that what you are striving for is possible is possible. We have to try.

However, if the Eagles did lose the game. I am confident that because of their faith, their belief, the fact they gave everything they had and were grateful for the opportunity, that they would have been graceful losers, or non-winners.

The glory goes to the players, their god, and the people of Philadelphia. Go Birds! So many people expressed bittersweet expressions of joy that they were sorry that loved ones who had passed on were not there to see the game and enjoy the celebration. Nevertheless, because of their faith, they believed that they were with them in spirit and were watching from up high.

I am from Philly and have been waiting for the Iggles to win the big game for as long as I can remember. I take great pride that they did it and did it with such grace and dignity. Also, I am so happy for all my friends and fellow fans that our time has come.

I had faith that they would do it. Fly Eagles Fly – you are Angels. Great Job. Do not give up your faith.