Innocence – ReRemembered.

It is not the absence of quilt but the presence of truth.  A state of total awareness of virtue Incarnate.  Mindful of the appropriate thought, word and deed Innocence’s mission is to guide us not away from indignity but to grace.

To be vigilant for purity sake.  To seek the best possible outcome for the right reason.  To be fully aware, not naive whilst one seeks the righteous and the mighty all the time seeing things as they are not as we wish them to be. Exercising moral fortitude while navigating the troubling waters of man’s insufferable desires.

There are no such things as original sin.  So, we are free to be as innocent as the day we were born.  Purging all that is not the truth we can choose to be in a state of perpetual radiance.  Free from the negative thinking and biases of the material world we can be in this world but choose not to participate in the trivialities of small thinking and small actions.

If upon looking innocence you experience innocence and not a perversion of innocence you are standing in the light of a virtue.  If you look at innocence and you see something you want to possess or defile you are in danger of losing your mind.  Because a distortion of the truth is a toxin that infiltrates your very being and corrupts your essence.

If this happens you must seize the moment and take action.  Shine a light of truth on that which you are thinking, feeling before you act.  Innocence must be preserved at all cost.  Do not lose yourself in a base desire.  Try to access what you are experiencing and give it a name, then search you’re being for a feeling, then a thought, then a memory.  Be with it, but do not indulge in it.  Give yourself some distance from it.  Know that you are not the only person who has experienced such a thing… you are not alone.

But, it defines you how you move forward.  If it eats at you there is a cause for such an effect.  Do not succumb.  This is an exercise for growth.  Be grateful that it surfaced when it did and then deal with it.  Use it to make you a better person, a better citizen and a better steward of humanity.

Remember that you were innocence personified when you entered this world and strive earnestly to return to that state when you shed this mortal coil.