How much is enough?

Do you feel enough? No? Why not? Do you feel that you are not worthy of love and respect because other people judge you and tell you so? Have you done something that appears to others that is irredeemable? Guess what, so what!

We have all done something in the moment that was an error indiscretion or just stupid. But, self-loathing won’t get you anywhere or help anything.

What if you killed someone while driving drunk? Was it an error in judgment? Absolfrickinglutely! What were you thinking? You weren’t. I don’t know how anyone could live with their selves after ruining so many lives and killing someone. But, perhaps that is the question? How do you live after that?

I would surmise that you could feel sorry for yourself climb into a bottle and call it quits or jump off a bridge because you just cannot live with what you did?

Or, maybe, you took responsibility for what you did and committed the rest of your life to save as many lives from other drunk drivers. You may have admitted your quilt from the very beginning and took the necessary steps to change your life from that very moment?

I cannot make you enough. No one can. You can tell yourself that you are but only you know. To be enough you have to give enough. What I mean is that you just cannot take and take have a bad attitude and think the world owes you everything and ignore your part in your community.

The example above is an extreme one, killing someone while driving under the influence. But it is the influence that needs to be examined. Not just alcohol influences in negative ways, there are other stimulants as well – groupthink, mob mentality, our biases, judgment, ignorance, instant gratification, closed minds, and a whole host of things we tell ourselves, that keep us from being all that we can be to be enough more than enough to help us change our mind and heart and lives.

We fight with what is instead of accepting the situation. Make peace with what is and change yourself and that in return will change how we interact with the world.

So, feel enough. Be enough. Do enough. Engage enough. Give enough. Are you mindful enough? Be mindful. Do a self-assessment in the moment. Ask yourself what else, what else can I contribute. Have I covered everything? Is everyone good? How am I?

So, check in with yourself, ask – Do I know myself? Do I accept myself? Do I love myself? Am I taking the steps to heal myself? Am I adequately sharing myself? Am I expressing my gratitude? Do I feel enough? If not? Why not?

Have I done the work and am I self-aware of my shadow self? Have I vanquished the shadows that need to be eliminated and integrated the ones that enrich and complete me?

We are all redeemable. But, it is up to us to find what is missing. Or, do the best with who and what we are. And, we know if we are showing up.