Attitude is everything. A positive attitude will get you through the bleakest of times lift you up and carry you forward. A bad attitude will stop you in your tracks, destroy everything that it touches and will spoil the milk and poison the water. It serves no one accepts our shadow and ego. In an attempt to protect it divides and creates derision and division.

What is an attitude but a feeling which transforms into an emotion that solidifies into a mindset, frame of mind, a point of view and a filter or lens in which defines how we interact with the world? The exterior world and our inner landscape.

If you have an open mind have a positive attitude are open to change and approach problems or challenges creatively you will most likely be happier more productive make friends easier are more productive and odds are enjoyable to be around. You are an optimist always seeing the glass half full and has learned to embrace the suck and make the most of a bad situation and know that this too will pass and realize that everything is temporary and take responsibility when you make a mistake. You always are able to rise above the fray and wrap your mind around a situation can put yourself in an others shoes to walk a mile or so and empathy just comes naturally.

If however, you have a closed mind are judgemental and have a bad attitude you don’t like change are fixed in your thinking and feel things will never change you most likely struggle to navigate through your work day get sick often you are constantly in a war of words with friends or family or co-workers and are difficult to be around and have a conversation with. You are a pessimist always see the glass as half empty run from a challenge have a short fuse think that you have the worst luck think things always happen to you are stuck on the trivial issues and always looking to find fault and blame someone else for your mistakes. You probably enjoy wallowing in misery with or without company and takes refuge in indulging in name calling and cannot see an other’s point of view to save your life.

Now, you may be an admixture are some of this and some of that, or you may be clueless or mindless of the difference or turn a blind eye because you could careless or you are present and mindful and know sometimes you stumble and fall but pick yourself up without condemnation or quilt and just try harder the next time and live to fight another day. Perhaps you are just a wretched human being. If that is the case – it is never too late.

Start where you are because you are worth it. Open your mind and free it from the darkness of ignorance and to the light of curiosity and be interested in the world and people around you. Tomorrow is another day. Be grateful have a positive attitude and miracles will come and find you. BECAUSE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.