2011-12-22 12.19.52

Do you ever sit and watch the sunset and let your mind wander and wonder what it would be like to…?

Have we lost our curiosity and imagination? Have the demands of our everyday lives captured all our attention and intentions? Has it sapped all our energy to fanaticize and play and experiment and to allow ourselves to be drawn to something new or novel?

I know that focus on what needs to be done can become myopic and consume a lot if not most of our time, energy, and sometimes resources. It almost feeds on us instead of giving us the satisfaction of taking care of our responsibilities.

I get it. I get sucked into black holes of attention and down rabbit holes of intention and I must remind myself to literally pull over and smell the roses.

We are always on the run taking care of business; be it work or personal activities like running the kids to soccer practice or shopping for groceries after a long day at the office. Life can deplete our reserves of getting up and go.

But we must Wonder and nurture that childlike sense of awe at things that catch our eye, call to us and speak to our hearts. We must be willing to let our hair down, be vulnerable and be open to the possibility to learn new things and try something we have always thought about but were always too busy to do, or we thought too much or talked ourselves out of it.

Do not let another day go by without opening to the miraculous events that unfold before you. Ask a question. Show an interest. Express your curiosity. Take a step toward that which shimmers and see if there is magic in the new. You never know it could change your life.