Forgiveness as a perpetual state of Tranquility.


Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.
—Nelson Mandela

I am sorry.  These three words will help to calm troubled waters, uncomfortable moments, and to bring the truth out of the shadows of fear and misunderstanding and into the light of awareness and mindfulness.

But, before we forgive or can be forgiven, we must understand that we are not perfect.  We are but pilgrims of eternity learning as we go.  And, before we can be understood, we must first understand.  We must wipe the slate clean by forgiving ourselves of any wrong thought, word, or deed; that has brought harm or suffering to anyone, especially ourselves.

Ninety percent of self-talk is negative.  Why are we so hard on ourselves?  If you believe in sin, then perhaps you think you have it coming.  So, as we traverse the rocky road of our pilgrimage, we sin, ask for forgiveness, and continue on our merry way.  If we repent then we are free to error again.  What is the point?

If we live a life of Virtue, Mindfulness, and wisdom, we need not concern ourselves what is right or wrong.  Because if we forgive ourselves with compassion we need not worry about the poison of greed, hatred, and delusion.

Forgive everything in every moment, be in every moment.  If we can live in a state of forgiveness there need not be suffering, and futile clinging.  Relinquish the idea that you must always be doing, try being… You don’t need to go with it or flow with it.  Start every moment where you are, at the moment.

Say to yourself in your heart of hearts – May all Beings be forgiven, forgiving, and have compassion for their selves and for all others.

Thank you, I forgive you I am sorry.