How we can heal the world.

Help those we need to forgive.


There is science to back up the fact that helping others make us healthier. It is called Helper’s High. It helps with depression, increases self-esteem, lowers blood pressure, lowers stress levels, you tend to be happier, and you might even live longer.

Practicing radical forgiveness while we meditate helps with increasing and maximizing our brain waves. You don’t have to meditate forty years of Zen to see the benefits. Like gratitude when we practice being thankful for who and what we have in our lives’ we are so much better off.

So, what I am proposing on a Global level, Alchemy for Global Transformation, if you will, is that we collectively, individually, mend those fences. Everyone needs help on some level. So, find an area where someone who has done you wrong, honestly, realistically or even a perceived slight and help them in this area. While you are helping practice mindfulness and say loving prayers of forgiveness whilst you see the divinity in them we show the deity in yourself.

I know I am asking a lot. Find someone who you are probably angry at, or even hate and help them and forgive them, as you are helping them, crazy right.

Well, hate will not cure hate, only love can do that. What better way to put aside our differences than to roll up your sleeves and work side by side together on a common mission, with a common purpose.

The golden mean, loving thy neighbor and all that… it is real. We all want and need the same things. We all want to experience order in our life, and what is order really, but peace. Make love, make peace not war. I don’t know about you, but there is something about coming together for the common good. Be it picking up trash in a park as a boy scout, holding the door for someone who has their arms full, or carrying an elderly women’s groceries to her car. It feels good to do good and be good.

You hear stories about the family of a murder victim forgiving the murderer and later the group goes on to create a non-profit to stop further crimes and to educate people and spread awareness. Where do that compassion, forgiveness, and understanding come from?

The need to feel loved, understood, and forgiven, is universal. To move forward we need to realize that we are all in this together. Grace is not an act – it is a state. If we can be grateful, thankful and helpful perhaps we have a chance; and we can evolve into the beings we were meant to be.



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