After we thoroughly know ourselves, accept ourselves for who we are and learn to love ourselves, we are now prepared to start the healing process.

We all have areas that need work. We all have issues and complexes and gifts just lurking in our shadow. Now, is the time to go in there and shine your divine being, into the deep recesses our ego. The ego needs to be right, it needs to survive, so it tells us to fight or flee. It will stop us in our tracks and make us hesitate and hence loose the moment and the opportunity. It is afraid. It helped us when we lived on the savanna or in the wild to help us avoid predators; now the hunted is the hunter and it will kill our dreams, ideas, hopes and desires if we let it.

So, we want to find where we can purge what is not needed, heal what is sick or toxic, and further strengthen our gifts while we manage our weaknesses. Are we flawed? Only in the sense that we have a soft spot, hot spot or an Achilles heel. That place where we are most vulnerable. Mine is most often amplified by the spotlight effect, the effect that you feel more people are aware of what is happening then really are, when I make a mistake or feel vulnerable I suddenly lose my train of thought and get frustrated. The ego being the center of our universe feels threatened and raises its sometimes ugly, unattractive head.

In my case what makes this even more frustrating is that the people in my sphere who feel that I flipped my shit for no apparent reason and without provocation tell me I am easily frustrated. From an objective point of view, I understand where they are coming from. It does not happen a lot, but it only needs to happen once for someone to make a judgement. However, my interior landscape maybe be in such a serene and joyful place, but once that spotlight goes on I feel the entire world is watching and I feel the heat of ten thousand suns, I melt and lose my grace.

This is difficult to explain, but it is my chink, soft spot, my Achilles heel. But the beauty of this fracture, dent, or ding in my persona, personality, self or being is this – I am aware of it. The challenge is catching myself in the moment and disarming my ego and dimming the spotlight and move thru the moment and see it to its conclusion.

If when this happens I can tell myself – it’s not all about you. You are not the center of the universe. Lighten up ego you are safe. Being vulnerable allows your strength and your character to be present and guide you thru the morass of difficult moments and situations.

If we lose our sense of humor we are lost. If we cannot laugh at ourselves we are the fool. Being present we can handle anything that life can throw at us. Get to know your cracks. That is where the light gets in. Do not be afraid to be who you are. Apply self-love and self-compassion when you feel a drift and then swim back to Sure. Sure, I can. Sure, no problem. Sure, no worries, I got this…I have the power…


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