​I must cease to cherish my opinions, question my beliefs, and release my convictions to dissolve wall of separation. I must strive earnestly, onward, and upward to ascend the vertical plane of reality to realize who I am and why I am here.

I must in the inner citadel of my soul reclaim the truth and power that was lost and allowed to slip away when I became enamored with the world of matter and illusion.

Just as a tree is known by its fruit, I must bloom anew and bring new life and vitality back to this wasteland and desert, so that it flourishes and thrives with the bounty of joyful hearts, kindred spirits, and grateful minds. To restore what I have left to go fallow in my absence while I was distracted by the shining world of progress as I regressed into the murky shallows of personality.

I have lost my way. However, I am never too far from the righteous path. The gates of heaven continue to be stained with the blood of innocents. This must stop; I cannot sit idly by, I must do something or die trying.


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