Delusion, Illusion, Mental Contusions

Does your head hurt? Mine does. After the last couple of years, it seems like reality has been warped and twisted that we do not know what side is up.

What if everything we believe, everything we believe to be true is all a lie. Meaning not the truth. Apparently, if you tell a non-truth often enough it becomes the truth. Or, accepted as the truth because we are fatigued with false statements, misstatements, alternative facts or fake news. They have us so turned around we will believe just about anything.

If it tastes bad, spit it out do not eat it. If it tastes too good, spit it out do not eat it. If it is too good to be true – do not believe it. If it sounds about right, go the other way. We have been conditioned to believe the unbelievable.

Money is not real; it is all ones and zeros. We will never get to the principle. A bill is a bill for life. One less patient is one less customer. Why does everything at Walmart so cheap and everything at Coach so expensive? Why does the price of gas go way up and then way down? It is not about economics but what we will believe and how much BS we will swallow.

If you expect anything to change, you know that Status Quo everyone talks about, guess again. Things will not change until we wake the f@ck up. We are mindless vessels or suits, or meat suits or worker bees. Unbeknownst to us we are living in SIM city and all this is just somebody else’s gameboard and we are all just shades going through the motions on the endless hamster wheel running up and down the various levels of hell intoxicated and energized by material objects and distractions and empty calories.

Recently, I feel as if I have awoken from a coma and I see things in a new and different light. I notice that all the same stores occupy spaces in similar locations everywhere I go. This is not demographics or logistics or marketing analysis. It all looks the same as I am a cartoon figure endlessly running by the same background over and over and over.

If you are ok with this scenario, go back to your Xbox whatever, your Netflix binging, your Football, Nascar, Reality Game shows and Tanning, shopping, escapism… If not try tuning out and then tuning into with a different mindset. With new eyes – using the eyes of the Heart. We know right from wrong, right? We have a conscious. However, it has been subverted to our appetites and our self-preservation. Which is why the politicos want us to get up and arms and lose our minds to distract us as we live our delusional lives’ as we mentally pummeled with fake choices while the reality of what is happening in the world is hidden beneath a cloud of obfuscation.

The Truth will set us free, but it will also hurt, and yes… we may not be able to handle it! Why? Because we have allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked as we buried our heads in the collective shell game that is Capitalism and the Free Market. It is all about profit and getting more for less. We express the same despicable behavior some of us while we are shopping or eating out. Well here is a tip for you. WAKE THE F@CK UP! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!



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