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“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet” – Mahatma Gandhi

I have found that on my journey of health and wellbeing that purity of mind and purpose and balancing the good and the bad that life has to offer has been a stabilizing practice.

My internal critique or self-talk if listened to would pull way off course. To this day if I allow it to creep in I can feel its tug. The purity of mind is right away stained and altered and my focus is distracted if I permit this to happen. Now, I can feel its presence this dark foreboding malignancy just waiting for the chance to pull me in and pull me down.

In the pure light of day, I can get back on track by thinking of something positive; something that I value, or of some way I can help a situation. This is living in the brilliant light of truth where purity and balance can be ascertained. In the darkness of our shadow self-therein lies the ghosts of our past that we have yet to vanquish and issues that we have yet to resolve.

We know when something is not right, or when something is forbidden, or unacceptable. But who is to say. We are all different and our value systems, ethics, and morals may verify. Purity is freedom from contamination. Just like those dark thoughts I have at times that seek to do me the ill will and distract and keep me off balance those thoughts are trying to contaminate my pure and positive thoughts.

We all know and can evaluate something that is not supposed to be there. It is called a conscience. We all have one. We all know right from wrong. I do not need ten commandments to tell me if I am doing or feeling or thinking that is not right.

Evil is when we know the difference and for whatever reason, we do it anyhow. Evil is a distortion or a contamination of the truth. For the truth is beauty and beauty truth and anyone or thing that tries to pull, push, or entice out of balance is trying to corrupt that which is pure or in the process of purification.

The road to the truth like life is a process and most often not a pretty one. We have our trouble and trials but we persevere. We seek balance and closure and resolution. Those who do not have made a contract with misfortune. Seek the best that we can attain and be steady in the quest and always help others on the way because we are all pilgrims of eternity finding our way as we traverse the path that we are on.

My path has been an interesting one. I like to say that I have lived a charmed life. My friends did not think that I would make it past my twenty-first birthday. I feel that I have a guardian angel that pulls my fat from the fire. I have many close calls with mortality. However, I believe it is my higher self that grabs me and cleans me off and sets me back on the path that I am on.

May you always know the truth and see the light surrounding you.

Jeff S Turnbull

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