We All Fall! (DOWN)

(WanderLost) – The Art of Not Giving a F@CK.

Things are weird and getting stranger. The world seems to be spinning out of control. Morals and ethics and concern for the common good seem to have disappeared into a black hole and a morass of unaccountability.

Leaders are no longer heroes but petty tyrants fighting over what we used to be acknowledged as a given; like helping the poor and homeless, elderly and veterans to clean food, safety, and pollution. Now all those things don’t seem to be front of mind unless there is profit to be made.

Profit on Healthcare, Eldercare, Incarceration is non-sense. The areas were profit only hinders the intention and the cure invariably creates innovative ways of prolonging a cure or rehabilitation. One less patient or inmate – one less customer, one less way to increase the bottom line. When the stockholder is front of mind and doing whatever it takes to increase the dividend or rating is more important than the real people in the real places doing the work or feeling the pain, something is seriously wrong with the way we do business.

When good people bury their head, turn a blind eye, look the other and say and do nothing about the current state of affairs it is WanderLost… the opposite of being curious and concerned and involved and passionate or – WonderLust, where you just cannot get enough and are driven and uplifted and amazed by the possibilities.

In this era of discontent people if they do anything, raise their voices or voice their concern it is to complain. How much will it cost? How will it benefit me? Not in my backyard! Lock Her up! When news is entertainment and people cannot tell real from fake, or truth from satire, and everything is a joke, the joke is on us. Because we have a chance.

If we can set aside our differences real, fake, petty, or otherwise and agree to disagree and then focus with clarity on what is truly important to the health and wealth of wellbeing for each one of us and then and only then can we move forward? If we voted for someone who is inept and cannot do the job can we admit that we made a mistake? Can we look ourselves in the eye, our children and their children in the eye and accept that we allowed this world to get this way? If we can then we can band and bond together join forces and work together on what will help and not hinder the world.

Our minds, bodies, spirits and souls need to accept that our environment, communities, neighborhoods, need each other to heal the land, hearts, and relationships locally and nationally and internally and globally and beyond if we are to survive the difficult days ahead.

Here’s to WonderLust and the desire to do, be and share more. To travel the expanse of our unexplored and examined hearts and minds.



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