Critical Thinking holistically

Life cannot be diagramed or defined by a colorful pie chart with hubs and spokes. You cannot quantify all that life is and has to offer by a percentage of this a section or sector of that. The Tibetan’s have a wheel of the six realms of existence with happy gods, jealous angry gods, humans, animals, obsessive and compulsive spirits, and aggressive violent beings.

You do not need a wheel of karma or clock to tell you what time it is or that bad deeds will catch up to you. It is a given. You get what you put in. You reap what you sow. Your reality is what you think about. The circle of life, a bad penny, and a boomerang, it all comes back around. Hence, you need to understand what you value and why.

In the economy and in life what trickles down and permeates is a kindness. What moves units and leads to success and empowerment is happiness. What expands and grows a business, organization or movement is a sense and feeling of community.

If you are going to look at something in its composite parts forget how much or what instead think about the why and why not. Apply critical thinking but do it holistically. Try not to think of something is the sum of its parts instead try to see, feel and think of something as the whole and the center as one and work out and within and accept without judgment what is.

However, ask yourself – is this thought, feeling, action, word or deed perceived by the collective forbidden, or is it accepted by the collective norms of society locally and globally and is it known or unknown globally as well as locally. Or, does it fly way beneath the radar not noticed and not scrutinized? Is it allowed to exist and persist unbeknownst to all but a few?

There are the macro and the micro the big picture the right under the nose picture those things that are in societies side view and rearview mirror what we turn a blind eye to and those we accept blindly.

All that I can suggest perhaps even advise is that we wake up, open our eyes use reason and logic and step back and take it all in and realize that we are all in this together and will rise and fall, live and die by our own hand. If we mistrust and see any as the other and cannot see everyone as one united in a common purpose we are done and should just say farewell to those we love and then kiss our composite ass goodbye.

However, if we stop asking and grasping and craving and shaming and blaming and start loving and caring and sharing sensing and feeling and appreciating each other we just may pull off this human experiment and make it to the next level get extra powers and abilities and realize all that this precious life has in store for us each everyone one.


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