It is amazing how so many people the last several years have been like sheep herded through a fenceless gate. They are going along with the pack, following the leader and accepting crazy for normal. I would advise that they grow a pair, a pair of virtues like honesty and discernment. Weave some moral fiber and not take things at face value.

If you are ok with leaders calling people names and shaming them and not telling the truth, you shall reap what you have sewn. I know it is difficult to accept that perhaps you did not choose wisely and when you chose you were angry and you wanted to send a message. But what kind of message are ignorance and entitlement?

We need heroes in industry, in government and in the private sectors. I just read a story of a woman who was at the ticket counter who bought a $775 airline ticket for a man’s daughter. The ticket went from free – because she was an infant when he initially bought the ticket – to the full price because she turned two in the interim. The woman walked to the counter pulled a credit card out and paid the price without thinking. She saw the distraught man who was beside himself because he was unable to afford the ticket at full price. When asked for her contact information so that he could pay her back, she graciously stated that there was no need because she could afford it and that she wanted to because she could.

How many of us in the same situation would have done the same thing under the same circumstances? If we are honest with ourselves and use discernment, we would probably not. The woman showed character and but more than anything she showed compassion and generosity. I can see countless people pushing ahead in a hurry to get on their way without a second or first thought.

The first principle of being a caring, forthright and upstanding member of society is – We take care of each other. In a world where doing the right thing takes a herculean act that demands that we reach down and pull from the depth of our being, I say that is not being at all – that is waiting to die.

Intestinal, testicular, and mental fortitude all requires that we have the strength to be vulnerable yet strong, while we are being mindful and in wonderment. When you do for others you are helping the greater good. The collective is strengthened when we reach out a hand, a credit card, a kind word or a smile because to know what love is – is to love and the greatest gift of all is to be loved.




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