A seed planted will not grow into anything other than what it is. We will grow into the person we are inherently meant to be. Like an acorn that falls to the ground and invariably grows into an oak tree, and has everything it needs to grow into that tree, we are born into this world with everything we need to be self-realized: a mind, the Universal Mind that we share with The All, Source, Divinity, God; however, you recognize that which is the Good behind all things.

From the One, towards the One, By Means of the One; as the Alchemical expression goes, is a statement that tells us that we too are divinity; brought here, guided here, by The All, for we are The All, and journey ever homeward toward The All, The One.
The only Dualism is created by the ego, and lies within; it is the fractured lens in which we see the World, when we cannot see the truth suspicions, mistrust and perceived attack become our reality. And this distortion of reality becomes that which needs to be pruned away from our mind, hearts, and souls, for like a tree will create stress, and stimulate growth. It is in this act of will and perseverance that encourage our root systems to spread out and grow deeper into the ground of all knowing, for in that ground that we all share the wisdom of the ages can be accessed. As a tree grows taller and stronger reaching toward the sky, so does the root system grow deeper into the soil searching for the water of life and the nutrients that nourish and strengthen its bond to the earth.
Also like a tree we can become twisted in our quest to reach the light, if we allow the darkness of self-loathing, quilt, and judgment to distract us from our mission to become aware on our path to enlightenment, or if we care not that we house a heavenly spark that ignites and animates us and we busy ourselves with the cult of personality, and material pleasures paying no attention for our reason for being. Maladaptive behavior rules our lives, for we behave contrary to our divine and heavenly nature and we ignore the light and the love and the peace and the beauty that is the truth that a Seed of Love will not grow a Tree of hate, but that Tree of Love can live in the shade of ignorance of what it is and what it is meant to be.


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