wp-1477607054374.jpgWhy is it that the recently we cannot even agree on the most basic of things, like facts? Apparently, words don’t even mean what they mean when they are said but subsequently change before the end of the sentences.

We talk past each other and shout and argue but lose the point and the mess is just ridiculous. Grown adults behave worse than five years fighting over a toy. The verbal gymnastics makes my head hurt, but worse yet heart aches.

The world is in such turmoil and our so-called leaders are so sick about obtaining and retaining power that our humanity is slipping away. We are fed ads and commercials that tell us to eat poison and then their ads to tell us how we can lose weight, and then a minute later there is one for a pill that the side effects could kill us. The only power we have is discernment.

If we know what is real and not someone’s momentary version of the truth, we all would be better off. Willful ignorance runs rampant. We look for others to do our thinking for us. Instead of reading the sign we yell at sales clerks.

Food is not food, it is food like products lacking nutrition and are empty calories and fit into no discernable food group. The flavors are synthesized in a laboratory to make you want more and more so that you cannot eat just one chip.

Global warming is now climate change. People lie, misrepresent, and bend their speech, the facts, numbers etc… it is not what you say, or how you say it, but what you want the person to think and hopefully believe. So, if you must dazzle them with stupidity whilst you baffle them with bullshit to believe whatever you are trying to sell them, be careful if they google whatever it is you said and realize it or perhaps even read a book (remember books) you may want to watch who you are talking to.

There is no alternative love, peace, hope, compassion, harmony or community. However, if this erratic manipulative behavior continues to come from the people who should be our leaders and heroes we are doomed to repeat the worst of history. The world may become the dystopian future we love to read about and the movies the young people cannot get enough of.

Beneath the lies and the falsehoods is fear. Fear of the other. Fear of loss of control. Fear of your social economic group becoming marginalized. There is nothing you can do but accept what is. If you afraid have courage. Courage to share your concerns in a healthy rational manner. Have courage that nature will out. Human nature, Mother nature, all that is part of nature will find its level. If you fight the tide you drown or are swept away in your own madness and contempt.

Look and seek the truth. The truth will surely and gladly set you free. Who does not want to be free? Free from the cage of lies and fire and fear and anger.

Imagine if we could all get on that so-called page, close this chapter of misdirection and live happily ever after.



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