Do you turn a blind eye to all the crazy shit that is going on in the world today? Especially all the nonsense down there in the Capital? How in the hell can things get this bent out of shape without people getting bent out of shape?

When things go wrong try, and be honest and speak up. Speak up when you don’t like something, or when you do but can see where things could be better or someone is not benefitting. To make so much sound and bluster on things that are just a distraction is just plain stupid.

Look over there – there is a shiny thing that has nothing to do with what is going on over here… Wake the hell up. What are you doing? Really? Are you sitting on your ass when you should be making signs and protesting?

Or, you can just sit back and complain. Your Ego wants you to be right. So, when the horse you put your money on is screwing everything up, if it is your horse just let it ride. Right?

Look if what is being done, said and acted out is not for the greater good, then what are we talking about. Seriously? There is no free lunch. No free market! Someone always will feel the pain. But at what cost? IF you are getting yours and no else is taking any of yours then fine, right? Woe to the urgent that tries to get some relief or help they are takers, and all of you blue colored working class folks are makers, but what does that make the people at the tippy top that extract as much as possible as they try to push, shame and blame the poor for being poor!

Are you doing your part? Have you reached out to a coworker who was fired and who is struggling? Have you called your mother lately? Have you checked in on your elderly neighbor before the big snow storm that is coming, or did you knock here down in the dairy aisle as you reached for the last gallon of milk?

What have you done for anybody other than yourself lately? Really, what? If we cannot come together in the spirit of community for the greater and common good are we evolving at all? Are we evolving if we do not do what we can to correct the carbon-based path to destruction we are on? Do we not convert to solar energy because we will not save any money, or utilize wind energy because we personally do not think the technology is not quite there yet?

If we do not start now, why start at all right? I mean we love 70 degree days in February in central Pennsylvania when it should be in the low 30’s. We love what we love when it all breaks in our favor. When things do not go our way, we bitch and complain.

Personally, I am very concerned when no one seems to give a rat’s ass unless that’s rat’s ass is in the kitchen staring up at them. I have a bullhorn in my car always just in case I need to express myself at the absurdity of our collective ignorance.

Willful ignorance is not an excuse for losing our moral compass, our dignity, wildlife, clean water and air and what is left of our humanity. If you see something say something, do something, be something, read something, learn and teach something.

Do your part, as I will do mine to make this place a better world for those children and grandchildren that we say we love so much. We can turn the tide, right the ship and make things right; if we just do a little something each day.


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