Winter Is Coming.


At some point, it is going to get cold. It will snow. The cold winds of Winter will blow.

The greedy fools will say there is no Climate Change, no GLOBAL WARMING. Then one day in February the temperature will rise to 70 degrees. Then the climate denying right wing wealthy oil Barron’s paid media shills tell us, YEAH, BUT IT SNOWED TWO MONTHS AGO…

Have you heard this one? Yes, every year for twenty plus years. Ten years ago, a Sunday brunch at a friend’s house turned into an outside barbecue. What the hell… It is real.

So, keep burning fossil fuel and when the seas rise the net and the grid go down, you can burn your big screen and your fancy couch to help cook your dog and your cat. Because there won’t be any real food left, no clean water and will be SOL.

So the sun won’t stop shining. The wind will not stop blowing. The ocean waves will not stop rolling and cresting. Stop ask yourself what is the right thing to do? Is the path that we are on leading to a better tomorrow? If you think you will be better off four years from now, guess again.

When a climate denier is appointed to the head of the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY the apocalypse is not far off and if you have noticed the zombies have already begun to eat your brains.


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