The closer we get to the light of truth, beauty, and love the longer the shadows of our darker side become.

Although we believe, we have left our baggage behind us it is always right there when activated to hold us up, slow us down, or to trip us up.

Before a scab can become a scar, we must let it heal. If we pick at it, it will never heal. Before that scar can begin to fade into our skin and blend in with the healthy skin, we must be ever vigilant how it came to be.

Like a child touching a stove when she is told that it is hot, the child sometimes has to learn for herself.

If you step on a nail, do you get angry at the nail? I hope not. However, if you do your awareness and focus is misdirected. After that, if you are fearful of walking hence you step on another nail, you will cripple yourself, and you will suffer.

Therefore, it goes to say no matter which of the unholy trinity you happen upon. First, you will always suffer regardless of the circumstances.

FEAR: Is the Mind Killer. It will inhibit action. It will cause you to stop right in your tracks and limit your abilities to act rationally. It will cause you to turn from the light and wallow in the shadows of your past mistakes, aches, and heartbreaks just like it was yesterday. I advise that when and if we are able to catch ourselves at that moment to ask ourselves – WHY AM I HERE, WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO, WHAT IS MY PURPOSE. Then tell ourselves – I HAVE THE POWER, I AM THE POWER, AND I WILL NOT BE DETERRED.

We can be afraid, hell yes!  Use that energy. Redirect it to the mission. What is courage but being afraid and doing what needs to be done regardless of the challenge? We just keep going forward, forever forward.

Do not waiver stay on course. Trouble and misfortune may be following you but put that shit in the rearview and hit the gas.

Do not vacillate, ruminate, or equivocate but embrace the struggle and kick FEAR in the Face and do not look back.

Me I prefer to stumble and fail my way to success and happiness. If I must fall, let it be forward toward my heart’s desire, and to Health and Wealth and Accomplishment, which is its own reward.




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