Consider for a Moment, You might be Wrong.

It possible you may not have all the facts, but you are mad as HELL. Got it. So, instead of trying to understand, we blame, shame and complain.

How’s that working for ya? We tend to get what we focus on. Worry is a prayer for what we do not want. So, why give it so much attention and energy. Energy flows where our attention goes.

So, if we can mind our own thoughts, stop and consider what and why we are thinking what we are thinking we may be a lot better off.

Stop looking for soutions where there are no problems and starting paying attention to the problems in your own house, home, family and community, the rest will take care of itself. It will take us home to our humanity and then we can see the troubles across the globe in a more holistic way. Empathy and Compassion must rule the day.

We cannot all move to Canada.

Jeff S Turnbull

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