Do not believe everything you think.



Just because you think, it is so, or just, does not make it so. You may be wrong.

I know it is hard to believe right. What else could you be wrong about, who knows. Since you believe it, it must be so. That is called conformational bias. We all suffer from it.


We all want to be right, but because the ego must always be right so must we. If we think, we know everything how will we ever learn.

We are entitled to our own opinion, as the saying goes, but not to our own facts. The facts are the facts. We must keep an open mind and not run everything thru the filter of our experience alone. We must try not to interpret everything and assign it a fixed meaning.

We must approach everything from all sides, put ourselves in the place or space, and do our best to apply reason and logic whilst we trust our intuition. If we are able not to blame, shame, admonish or praise we are better able to see things as they truly are.

Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think. So think positive. Open our minds and we open a world of possibilities. If we approach the world with a fixed mindset, it limits our growth. If we can cease to cherish our opinions, question our beliefs, and release long-held convictions we will not be tethered to a self-centered or self-centric myopic way of seeing the world.


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