Creating Meaning Where There is None.



Have you ever mistaken the way someone has said something, a facial expression, or a gesture and let it ruin your day?

When we interpret or project our stuff on to an event, an occasion, or encounter, or exchange, we put our well-being and tranquility at risk. Why would we do this to ourselves. It is engrained thirst or hunger to figure out our place and purpose in this noisy busy world.

If we could accept things at face value and not try to figure everyone and everything out we all would be better off. I am the worst because I am so damn observant. I practice being mindful and minding my own damn business. I trust my gut, there is no need to start spinning tales and stories that only exist in my monkey mind.

So, I practice meditation, mindfulness and self-awareness and constantly doing inventory of my thoughts. That’s right I think about my thoughts and I monitor my feelings on how I feel about things, and my thoughts the whole time I am trying to be still.

Practice makes progress. Process makes practice. Showing up and shutting up is my new jam. Speak less do more… That way I can self-monitor and serve the moment.

Jeff S Turnbull



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