True Healing begins with Forgiveness.


Recently, I discovered the key to a life-affirming truth, when I stumbled on to a video on YouTube titled “3 WAYS TO BE UNFUCKWITHABLE. The title caught my attention. I immediately understood the meaning of the title due to my recent study and research into STOICISM.

The first principle of STOICISM: know what is under your control and what is not under your control. To be able to discern using reason to evaluate a given situation. The only thing that is truly under our control is our thinking about that particular situation. It is not the situation as such that vexes us so, but our attitude and our thoughts about it.

What I found paradigm shifting about the video was the simplicity of the message. Like STOICISM his message is practical and straightforward, and simple, but not easy.

The speaker spoke about a Neurofeedback intensive brain training called 40 YEARS OF ZEN. In the training intensive, your brain waves monitor you as you work through mindfulness meditation. The results to the recipients work life changing. It was as if they had been meditation for 20-40 years. They were more creative; than they did before the meditative training. They had greater mental clarity, focus, and physical energy

The speaker and a guest speaker Dave Asprey gave examples of instances where friends or colleagues betrayed them. Through the meditation, they had to envision the person why they might have done what they did, always seeker deeper to find a viable motive for the betrayal and giving them the benefit of the doubt.

As they maneuvered their way through their memories of slights and perceived injuries, they were able to channel that unconscious energy used for survival for creation instead.

The second guest speaker Marissa Pierce discussed the primary source of all troubles and neurosis: the thought that we are not enough. Simply by focusing on the phrase – I AM ENOUGH, we can accept ourselves for who we are and not desire to be or have someone or something else. The Buddha thought that desire or craving cause suffering. The attainment or aversion to anything will create pain and suffering. If we believe that either we are enough, in personal relationships or the workplace, we are better able to accept what is. If we are cognizant of areas or opportunities for growth all the better.; however, if we can acknowledge that we are doing the best with what we have, we will better suited to advance or move forward to live a happier and more meaningful live.

Right away, I knew where I could immediately make some significant changes in my life. I knew that I had trust issues. I knew that beyond forgiving an ex-spouse for the hurt I had due to divorce, I needed to forgive myself for the way I behaved and for not being present enough at the time to see the truth about the situation that was staring me in the face.

That leads me to the third speak Sonia Choquette, Sonia spoke about the power of being present. She gave a simple, yet not all that easy exercise to help us be aware of the moment. If when we feel overwhelmed or distracted that we should take a moment, stop what we are doing, breathe, and rest our focus on anything even the most mundane thing such as a pen. We should focus and concentrate on the minute of details to bring us back to the moment. Being aware of our breath as we breathe in through our nose and then exhale through the nose. By slowing and being more attentive to our breath and the most insignificant of details, we can be and appreciate the moment.

So, if we can forgive, feel that we are enough and be present and serve the moment we can be more productive, happy and mindful of all that life has to offer to create a life of meaning and purpose.

Jeff S Turnbull

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