Fear is the Mind Killer.

 Recognize what is under your control and what is not under your control.  Do not worry about things that you cannot control.


The only thing that we can truly control is what we think about at any given moment about a person, event, or circumstance.  The interior or internal workings of our mind, and subsequently our heart is within our control.  We cannot take anything personally; if we do, we are lost.  It is not the events of the exterior world or externals that plague us, but our response to them.

We must not assume to know the true nature of another person’s thought, comment, or action.  If we presume to know and take offense, we sacrifice our tranquility, and we only disturb ourselves.

The power in this principle knows the difference between the two – the external world out there in the world at large, and the internal world of our mind.  To know one’s mind is the place to start in the school of Introversion 2.0 which is not only accepting Stoicism as a philosophy of life but a discipline to be practiced and honed and as a mindset to help us achieve serenity amongst and against the din of this noisy modern age.

When something crosses our mind as a possible challenge when something in the external world begins to create a difficulty, we must tell ourselves, this is not under or within my control, and then ask ourselves – How do I proceed?

Remember do not worry about what we cannot control.  Put things in their proper perspective and we will always be able to see the truth.  Living our truth at the moment will always shine the light on the path to self – refinement.







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