True Change happens on the Vertical Plane.

Damn the torpedoes, burn the ships on the shore, and Get it Done.

There are many distractions in this busy world as we attempt to get things done.

Always something pulls our focus towards that which we did not plan to do. Moreover, it is always a battle to return to what we are doing and need to accomplish. We can wait to we are on the killing field of time crunch do or die mode, some of us do better with this type of time table, or we can do the work in a timely fashion, be prepared and really apply ourselves to bring our total attention to the project, objective, or that which needs to be done…

On the Horizontal plane, we can create change, but it is incremental. We fiddle and fidget, and we dabble, but when the real work needs to be done focus and determination, willpower need must be utilized. Speaking as a jack all trades master of none. I can say that half-assed does not pay the bills.

I have a curious nature and a quixotic mind, the systematic disposition of having Bipolar Disorder. Therefore, I have to try very hard to remain mentally where I need to be. I can cover a lot of ground if I do not pay attention to my attention.

When we can lose ourselves in what we love to do, or accept, what we need to do and use skills that we are good at we can enter the flow of awareness and vertically lift ourselves into change and achievement to get the real work done.

If we reach for the stars and do not get lost while doing so, we can move mountains, the direction of great rivers and travel to other realms as long we create from a place of love and unity and inclusion.

Jeff S Turnbull

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