Mindset – Is Yours Fixed or Fluid.

Is your Mind pliable like clay or as thick as a brick? Not that one is better than another is, but perhaps there is a time and a circumstance for both.

If we are entrenched by our opinions or besieged by our beliefs, or possibly trapped by our convictions maybe it is time to open our minds and consider an alternative.

If we are flighty and soaring through azure skies and constantly tilting at windmills of new and exciting variations consider coming down to earth and getting to work.

If we can ground ourselves in persistence at the same time as we are stoking the fires of creative genius perhaps we could see the great design and come to stand upon the rock of determination as we revel in a job well done.

Personally, in the past, I have zealously embraced my quixotic mercurial mind. However, it has not helped me finish a novel or a long time project. Alternatively, I now see many things to their conclusion. In the years since I have practiced being the turtle and not the hare. Progress takes time. Whatever we want to bring to fruition we must set goals, yet be flexible. Plan our work and work our plan, yet be able to open and adjust as things do ultimately change.

Novelty was my specialty. It was my enemy that I considered my friend. I had opinions, beliefs, and convictions; however, in the end, I never reached the end.

My thinking stood in my way. I followed my heart. I trusted my gut. Nevertheless, I did not do the work. Yeah sure, I did a lot of work, but not all the work on the one thing. Now, I take comfort in the completion of things. I relish the idea and work of standing back and being objective about what I bring into this world.

Being someone who struggled with Bipolar Disorder and the insufferable mood swings most of my early adult years, I have crossed the troubled waters of my own thinking. I practice mindfulness, meditation, body and heart awareness and more than anything being in the moment and slowing myself down to grow while I start with the end in mind.


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