The Key to Success: GRIT

It took me a while, but I figured it out. To accomplish anything, especially what you desire you need GRIT. When times get tuff, the tuff getting going and give everything they got. When you think you are done, push on for five more minutes, then another five minutes, until you are spent.

I should have gotten this lesson from swim team practice at the YMCA when I was in High School. My coach would push us, then push us some more. One Sunday morning practice I was the only one to show up. The coach worked me, worked with me, and pushed me so hard I thought I would die… You know what happened? I swam more laps per practice than I ever had, at longer yardage, and at better times, than I ever did before or since.

He extracted the best I had. I never imagined I had it in me. I was astounded. It was almost a mystical experience. I think I even snatched a pebble from his hand. I learned GRIT that day. But, unfortunately, I did not have it in me to challenge myself like that, not until recently.

Now, I can see with real clarity, when I am in a situation where I need to dig down and buckle up and ride the storm out. Now, I have embraced the power and beauty of what GRIT can bring me, and I am determined to push through and realize whatever I choose to do, to make any situation understood because I elected to make a difference.


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