When the going gets tough – Buckle Up!

I can say that in the past when things got hairy; I would fold like a cheap card table. However, I am different now.

The change came when I decided to take responsibility for my life – my thoughts, actions, behavior, and the one that would always bedevil me – my emotions.

I am good in a crisis.  However, I was not good at the day to day.  I have since learned that not every day is going to be a good day.  What defines us and our character is how we handle those so-called bad days, do we apply our best self or are we quick to affix blame.

If we lose our sense of humor, all is lost.  If we cannot laugh at our situation or ourselves what are, we left with.  When I was my most depressed I could still see the humor in things, but I could not laugh.  However, I could smile.  That is a ray of the sunshine the positive aspect in an otherwise dark place.  That is all that is needed.  Where the light can get in that crack, there is hope.

As in life or flying, there will be turbulence.  It is aware that we can do our best to stave off the worst.  Buckle up and know your triggers and behaviors.  Have a plan for when things go south.  Be prepared.  You can expect the worst but hope for the best when the trip gets rocky buckle up and deal.

Embrace the struggle.  There will always be difficulties.  Just do not indulge in negative self-talk, do not blame, shame, but seek a how, not a why and get to work.  Find a solution.  Solve the puzzle.  Assess and reassess then find a reason to be grateful and bless and do your best.





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