Practice Awareness Makes Perfection.

Monitor, Manage, and Motivate.

The only thing we truly have control over is our thoughts, feelings, and our health.  The rest is the world as a whole, and at best, we can make an impression.  Before we change the world, we must change ourselves.

If we practice awareness and mindfulness our mind, heart and body will be better off and our lives’ we are more productive and dare I say it -Happier.  If we monitor our thoughts, we can help prevent ourselves from being swept under and pulled down by the undertow of our internal negative self-talk.

Our feelings are directly affected by our thoughts so if we can stay active and in our right minds’ we can manage our emotions.  Because our emotional state is a contributing factor in the health of our bodies and the strength of our immune systems, we must acknowledge when we are running into difficulty and set our minds on an optimum outcome.

The word – Temper denotes the degree of hardness or elasticity in steel or metal.  Therefore, like the reed or the sword, we must know when to be strong and when to yield.  If we lose out Temper, we lose our strength.

Acceptance of things that are beyond our control is imperative if we are to monitor, manage so that we can motivate ourselves to reach great heights and improve our circumstances.

Where we repress is where we regress, so must be ever vigilant that we are honest with ourselves.  In the past, we were expected to suck it up and deal with it.  Then the damage was already done.  Myself I tend to try to avoid the hole instead of always falling into it then having to climb or dig my way out repeatedly.

If we could identify our patterns, habits, we will be better able to redirect our thinking, feeling and healing to maximum benefit.


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