Do not believe everything you think.


There is no sense in arguing with that voice in your head.  Perhaps if you ignore it will go away, fat chance.

Most of the self-talk, internal dialogue, inner critic, whatever you want to call that nagging Debbie downer in your head is negative.  It always seeks to play the devil’s advocate but never really ever has any positive input.

It wants to drag your shadow self into the light to make you feel bad, worse, or hopeless about any situation or idea.  It will tell you to go for it, then turn around and list all the reasons why you will fail.

It is your ego trying to keep you safe.  It is easier to live with the status quo then it is to summon your courage and break free of your comfort zone and explore the real world.

When that voice starts in and begins to paint a doomsday scenario try to envision the complete opposite.  Isolate what fear the voice is trying to imprint on your consciousness, then in your mind imprint it on a stone, visualize that you are at a lake, skim that sucker to the other side, and watch it sink.

I meditate and still that selfish little tyrant tries to invade my quiet still time.  I let it present itself acknowledge it let it rise and then fall and blow away.  If you engage it before you know it, you are weaving tales of chaos and mayhem and it started with – “What if…”  Ten minutes later, you have to catch yourself and tell yourself that could never happen, when you just lived it, relived and are apt to go back for more.

Do not succumb, but be ever vigilant.  If you are sucked in and down when you are trying to do something, important it could be a life changer and that one conversation in your head could change the course of your Life.

That voice was helpful when we were roaming foraging for food.  It was a survival mechanism meant to keep us from entering a dark cave or jungle.  Now it only keeps us from discovering the undiscovered country of our full potential.


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