Be the light Not the Tunnel

 Do you feel like what you seek will never come?  You have hope, and you can almost taste it, but it is always just out of reach.

If the adage is right – Opportunity knocks once – if so, will you be ready.  What if? She repeatedly knocks, but you are preoccupied with blaming resisting or have given up five minutes before she does… What then.

We must be aware.  We must be conscious of all the possibilities.  We must keep our eyes open, our minds open, our hearts open, and listen.

What if the Universe is trying to tell you something and you do not hear that either? Are you ready for action if you do hear it?  Are you acting now?  If you are acting on a daily basis, are you flexible?  On the other hand, are you married to your convictions, hopelessly in love with your beliefs, and desperately dependent on your opinions?

Well, I am here to tell you to let that those things go.  Be flexible have a mind like water; let it seep into every possibility or alternative.  If opportunity and the Universe are knocking and calling out to you possibly, an opportunity is right under your nose.

Therefore, instead of chasing down a dream through endless tunnels and down abandon highways be present to the moment.  What can you do right now, with what you have before you?  Be the light and shine your intelligence and your creativity on those moments and people in your orbit and start changing the way you do, be and are for all those involved.

Do not worry, do not hurry, just give yourself over to the process, listen trust your gut, and banish, would have, should have, and could have from your vocabulary.  You have everything you need right now so get to work creating the life you have only, up to this moment only imagined.



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