That thought stuck in your head.

 How painful that can be when like an earworm of a song you cannot stand, a feeling like a splinter stuck in your head can irritate you all day; if you let it.

Take for an example a cringe-worthy moment when you ask a person about their parent, and they share with you that they were orphaned at a young age or perhaps their father just passed recently from a great and painful illness; you immediately feel sorry.  Right?  Most of us would.  However, most of us would probably move on and not dwell on it all day.

However, some of us would continually beat ourselves up about it and feel bad all day.  Even if the person we supposedly might have offended moved on instantly.  After all, they were the one who has had to live through it and make peace with what is.  In our tendency to wallow in our self-imposed self-pity, we end up making it about us.

Some of us have trouble with accepting a compliment and some of us struggle with embarrassment.  Therefore, that thought that we misspoke us all day and consumed our time and our energy when in fact no else has even considered it a slight or insult.

We have to remind ourselves that our thoughts and feelings are our own.  The other person does not occupy these spaces; these are within our domain only, and only we have control over them.  It is within our power to apply reason and logic to ascertain if feeling ill should be considered.  If so, we can respond appropriately.

There is no need to apologize over or explain if we are mindful of our thoughts, words, and deeds.  Do not let an awkward moment weaken your emotional or mental state.

In the past, a situation like this would be my undoing.  A bad day or a misunderstanding would destroy me, create negative thoughts, emotional upset, and create inner turmoil and anxiety.

Now, I self-monitor and am conscious of my daily experience as I seek the truth through genuine interactions.  If you have nothing to hide, there is nothing to hide from either.  Speak your truth and listen for the winds of change are always blowing.


2 thoughts on “That thought stuck in your head.

  1. Thank you jeff, your timing was impeccable on this one, i tend to hang on to the negative and forget the positive in certain situations, and although it seems meaningless or uneventful i often feel the the need to extinguish a supposed wrong ,when in fact i have been trying too hard to correct a wrong that only lives in my own mind, thereby missing a more positive and influential moment, apparently there is more going on in the world than my own mistakes


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